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Photo by Jeen Na

Meticulous and melodramatic - Bronze Wolf is equal parts producer and basement pop star. Bronze Wolf expresses a multiplicity of emotions wrapped up in sexuality and desire, repression and self acceptance, and an almost participant-observation style commentary on a society teetering on the edge. Bronze Wolf is Eric Tempelaere (27), gay, and born in small-town midwestern America where most progressive action is still observable in stark slow-motion. Bronze Wolf aims to lyrically tear his past to pieces in order to pave a new, vibrant, and conscientious path forward. Tempelaere evokes some essence of his countless evolving inspirations, while staying true to an individual and personal need to write from within. Bronze Wolf’s first tape ‘Red Shift’ released on May 04, 2018, his debut e.p. ‘Let’s Make Tears!’  on July 28, 2020 - and a full length debut album can be anticipated in 2021.  (Wait, society is teetering on the edge?) Climate change carelessly looms over our every action and inaction - and intersectional differences needlessly divide us further amidst our common fate on this planet.